List of Trainings Organized by the Co-operative;  

1.Trainings in, Agriculture, Livestock Management, Fisheries, Processing, Artisans, Mushroom production, Apiary etc.

2.Apple jam, jelly making, juice making, tomato puree, ketchup etc.

3. Human resource development and capacity building specific to natural resource management, improved farming, processing and marketing.

4. Processing and marketing of food, horticultural, animal and other niche products.

5. Processing and packaging of high value field crops, oilseeds, selected legumes, amaranth, buckwheat, specialty millets; baby, sweet and popcorn.

6.  Empowerment through capacity building and skill development in core and allied agricultural sectors along with employment generation.

7. Training and pruning of orchards.

8. Mushroom cultivation.

9. Training on vegetable nursery production and management.

10. Training on potato cultivation.

11. Training on natural incubation of eggs.

12. Training on calf and lamb management.

13. Training on feed block preparation and feed formulation.

14. Training on mulberry cultivation.

15. Training on backyard poultry production and storage of hatching eggs.

16. Training programme on paddy blast and integrated management of disease complex of chilies.

17. Training on diseases and pest management in orchards.

18. Training on diseases and pest management in field crops.

19. Training on diseases and pest management in vegetable crops.

20. Training in agronomic practices for production of field crops (paddy/ maize.

21. Training in agronomic practices for production of vegetable crops.

22. Paddy nursery production under cold stress conditions.

23. Tomato processing (Puree and Ketchup).

24. Cocoon production (Sericulture).

25. Preparation of Apple Jam and Jelly.

26. Training on Grafting in walnut.

27. Training on Integrated nutrient management in orchards for high productivity.

28. Nursery raising under protected conditions.

29. Clean milk production.


  • 21 Days National Refresher Course on “Fisheries, Aquaculture and Post-Harvest Technology” will be jointly organized by ICAR-CIFT, Kerala, SKUAST - Kashmir and NADCL - Baramulla during, May 10 to 30, 2022
  • 21 Days Summer School on "Recent Trends in Sustainable Livestock and Crop Production Technologies vis-à-vis Climate Change" will be jointly organized by ICAR-IGFRI, Bihar Animal Sciences University, Patna and NADCL - Baramulla, during 09 to 29 June, 2022