Aim of the National Agriculture Development Co-operative Ltd: The main aim of the National Agriculture Development Co-operative Ltd. is be to change the socio economic status of the farming community through the handling of gainful economic activities to be carried out in accordance with the principles of the co-operative and social justice and for this co-operative shall do gainful profitable activities on scientific lines. In general the aim of the National Agriculture Development Co-operative Ltd. is summarized here as under:-
i. To promote the innovative practices in agriculture and allied sciences.
ii. To enhance agricultural productivity and profitability through proven technological interventions.
iii. To educate and aware the farming community regarding the improved technology of agriculture practices keeping in view the agro-climatic conditions.
iv. To provide guidelines to farmers for establishing the processing and packaging plants of high value field crops, oilseeds, selected legumes, amaranth, buckwheat, specialty millets; baby, sweet and popcorn.
v. To provide basic agriculture and horticulture trainings.
vi. To utilize the raw material produced from the agriculture for development of small scale cottage industry.
vii. To organize plant and animal clinical camps.
viii. To organize different trainings courses in agriculture and allied sectors.
ix. To spread Co-operative Education among the farming community.
x. To develop a strong linkage with several State Developmental Departments like; Department of Agriculture, Department of Horticulture, Department Fisheries, Sericulture Development Department, Department of Floriculture, Department of Social Forestry and Department of Animal /sheep husbandry.
xi. To organize national and international conference, seminar, and symposium.
xii. To confer different awards for outstanding performance in the agriculture and allied sciences.


  • 21 Days Summer School on Sustainable Agroforestry Interventions for Diversification and Environmental Amelioration will be jointly organized by ICAR and NADCL, Baramulla, during Apr. 16 to 06 MAY, 2024
  • 3 Days International Conference on “Impact of Climate Changes on Global Food, Livestock & Livelihood will be jointly organized by NAU, Navsari and NADCL during December 28 to 30, 2023